1551 Mobile Application

Start: Give the people of Kiev quick reference to the contact center capital

Status: Active

Project website
Kyiv’s authorities are always ready to help in solving all kinds problems, to provide help  and give advice on various issues. And the main thing, now it is not necessarily  to stand in queues in public organizations, write long letters, just call the hotline on multichannel telephone 1551 and vocalize your question/problem/offer to the operator. You can do this 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Now, a similar service is available on the website of the contact center of Kyiv – https://1551.gov.ua/.  After pre-registering, you will be able to leave your massage and, if necessary, add the accompanying information and photos and send your request. Immediately after you receive your request number , which status you can track of its implementation on the website.
And now you can download the mobile application from the Apple Store, Google Play, Windows Store or online at www.1551.gov.ua. You gain access to all functions of the portal, as well as an interactive map updates of utilities.

And if suddenly your apartment has no water or electricity, you can always  find out what the problem is, as well as when and by whom the accident will be eliminated.