Kyiv Smart City Hub

Start: to unite, educate people and develop urban projects

Status: The project raises funds


Kiev Smart City Hub- the unique community center which aim is to unite, educate initiative people and help to develop urban projects including Kiev Smart City. And to stimulate and consolidate the leaders and agents of changes ( promoters)who, as a result,will develop Kiev and Ukraine.


Smart City is not just a story about technologies that are changing the face of the city. Initially, this is a story about the people, about those who currently decided to change something in the world. That’s why Hub will work for people, for the sake of those culture carries “Smart Citizens” ,who use innovative approaches and solutions to improve urban infrastructure , the living standards and quality of life.
Kiev Smart City Hub is the place of “people’s power”, teams and projects that can create and implement ” smart ” solutions of Kiev and other cities. The center of consolidation expertise and competence, communication Hub for promotion of the Smart City concept of urban development in Ukraine, Smart City School and incubators of local services and applications based on public data.
The initiative team has decided to place Kiev Smart City on a territory of the Expocenter of Ukraine Nation Complex that the ” points of change” which is successfully developing thanks to the efforts of a young team. And we are confident that, together, we will be able to create a new symbol of innovative and creative Kiev , which is transforming to “Smart City”
Hub will not only unite and “grow” social capital but become a test and demonstration platform of Kiev Smart City Concept 2020, as well as a platform for ideas and solutions for all interested Ukrainian cities .
In the Hub people will work , communicate and learn from those who in the future will be a part of Smart City process . This is our main aim.
The Hub’s main activities:
Smart City School.Trainings, lectures, training courses and thematic meetings. Maximum knowledge on Smart City theme. And only the best experts , speakers and teachers.
A place for hackathons, presentations and round table discussions.
A place for communication of cities’ representatives, the public and companies offering Smart City Solutions.
Information and expertise center
The place of the development of innovative solutions for the city by the city’s forces
Of the active part of the public and IT community .
The Hub functions as a workspace for teams, public activists and partners of the initiative , all those who take part in Kiev Smart City project.
Partners of the initiative will be able to display for demonstration and testing their design to help you create “smart” projects. The incubator of urban services and applications will operate based on open data of the Center . Every startup, which relates to the development of the city , could offer jobs, mentorship support , technological solutions and the ability to test and run the project with the help of partner network initiative .

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