Initiative Kyiv Smart City

Kyiv Smart City brings together Kyiv citizens, business, activists, and city authorities to develop smart urban infrastructure. Our projects focus on the principles of open data, digital services, and transparent management. We are actively working on the development and implementation of online tools so every citizen can bring smart solutions in his home, community, and country. Together, we transform Kyiv into a progressive European capital. We run for the city of dreams where every resident feels secure and happy.

Smart Infrastructure Development Program. Department and subordinated utilities. Development and implementation of urban projects. Implementation of Kyiv Smart City Strategy.


Smart city decisions create additional opportunities for enhancing the value of the city. Integration of technologies boosts the efficiency of the resources, creates new opportunities for business, as well as increases the standards of living. To transform Kyiv into a technologically advanced, socially responsible and comfortable metropolitan, deputies of the city council have approved the Kyiv Smart City 2020 Concept. The concept defines the main ways for further infrastructure, technological and social development of the city and defines a new vector of urban space transformation. It is designed to create opportunities for the evolution of the capital, combining a strategic approach, technological advancements, and widespread involvement of the people into the decision-making processes. The concept becomes supplemented with the participation of the public, experts of the city government, representatives of Ukrainian technology companies and international business, public organizations, scientific and academic community. The document takes into account the interests of inhabitants, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations. Also, a new role and functions of the city authorities were defined.