Kyiv Smart City Guide

Global urbanization gives impetus to more efficient city management tools. Today, thanks to the use of innovative services, everyone has equal opportunities to meet their needs and improve their urban environment. In order for every resident of the Ukrainian capital to be able today to make changes in his home, community, country, the Kyiv Smart City initiative, has created the Kyiv Smart City Guide. The main purpose of the book is to provide active citizens with innovative tools for implementing change and help in the implementation of urban and environmental projects in order to create positive practices in urban life and initiate development processes in Kyiv. Through the Guide, readers learn about world trends in building a smart city, get practical mechanisms for implementing solutions, as well as get acquainted with the latest Ukrainian projects and developments designed to make life as comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly. We have gathered the best services and ideas for improving the city infrastructure so that every resident of the capital already has the opportunity to create innovatie changes.


The Kyiv Smart City Guide is not a bureaucratic document, but a kind of instruction for using and adapting real experience to the challenges of Kyiv. It is a collection of tips, recommendations, and services, including electronic ones, that relate to all aspects of city life. Innovations in the metropolis, e-democracy, creative economy, clear practical information and links to services that operate in the digital infrastructure of the capital now, descriptions of simplified procedures for providing services, recommendations for the organization of condominiums and energy saving at the level of a house, opportunities for interaction with authorities — all of this and even more each reader will find on the pages of the Guide. Its task is to help to create an environment of innovators who use innovative services and smart infrastructure. This is a source of information for those who are interested in urban areas, who want to explore the city, learn constantly and seek to make real changes. The state of the city, its development, and future depend on the efforts of every citizen. It is thanks to joint efforts that Kyiv will become a smart city: technologically advanced, comfortable, ecological and as safe as possible. And the pace at which the capital moves, completely depends on us – its inhabitants.


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