Kyiv Smart City Accelerator

In 2018, we launched the Kyiv Smart City Accelerator. The task of the accelerator is to help solutions and products that want to become part of the city’s urban infrastructure. The global goal is to find and support innovative solutions and products that seek to make life in Kyiv as comfortable, safe and technologically advanced as possible. The Accelerator provides the selected projects with all the necessary resources to accelerate the process of finalizing the product and bringing it to the market, or at the stage of creating a pilot project.


On February 1, the Kyiv City Smart City Accelerator Pitching took place. Experts have chosen original smart-solutions that improve urban infrastructure, public services, transport, education, and the cleantech industry.


Innovative ideas of the winners:

  1. Evolution. Developers have created the MLMS (Motivational Learning Management System). MLMS is a person-oriented profile that visualizes the child’s personality. It helps the teacher to disclose the potential of each pupil. This virtual assistant “communicates” with pupils, reminds of the preparation for the control works and motivates to study. Every learner sees schedules of his success in various subjects. In the game format, he analyzes whether he likes the lesson.
  2. OnCharge is a cloud-based management service for charging stations for electric vehicles already operating in Kyiv. OnCharge is the first chargers in Ukraine that support OCPP 1.5 and 1.6. During 2018, it is proposed to install about 100 charging stations on the walls of buildings, municipal parking areas of the city, pillars for lighting the streets. The driver will be able to connect and make payments through a specially designed mobile application.
  3. FishPay is the first financial social network that offers a transparent and structured approach to general costs. The cornerstone of the system is the combination of a telephone number and a bank card.


Join the Accelerator if you have ideas about improving life in our capital.