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How to keep abreast of news of accidents, changes in traffic or lack of water? Thanks to the project “Kyiv informing system” this became possible without hour-long monitoring of the sites of the city administration or city public services. Now, all relevant data on important events of the city is collected on a single information platform and is available to everyone. To do this, it is enough to subscribe to SMS or e-mail newsletters.


By the SMS, Kyiv residents can find out:

  •    about emergency situations;
  •    about changes in metro traffic;
  •    about blocking roads.


Via online newsletter:

  •    about emergency situations;
  •    about changes in the traffic of the metro and public transport;
  •    about blocking roads;
  •    about the news of the KSCA and regions;
  •    about meeting with government officials;
  •    about events held with the support of the KSCA;
  •    about planned power outages;
  •    to turn off the water.


The mailing list to be implemented under this project is also socially oriented. In particular, the urgent search for blood donors.

The project was made possible thanks to the successful cooperation of society, business and city administration.

To select the topic that is convenient for you and the regularity of notifications, please Register in the same office of the Kievan:

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