Electronic purchases

ProZorro is a hybrid electronic open source government e-procurement system created as the result of a partnership between business, government and the civil society.

ProZorro is a fully online public procurement platform and a collaboration environment that ensures open access to public procurement (tenders) in Ukraine. Fully implemented in 2016 as a hybrid (both centralized public and decentralized private marketplaces) system it has since been globally recognized as one of the most innovative public procurement systems delivering government services in a stakeholder-focused, transparent, effective, fair and low-cost way.


Public purchasing accounts for a sizable part of Ukraine’s GDP. Annually, about UAH 600 billion (approximately EUR 20 billion) worth of goods and services are transacted with the help of tenders. It is estimated that ProZorro may be responsible for up about 10% of the overall to public spending savings due to increased competition and better transparency.


All of the functionality offered by online portal is available to the general public without the need to register and without any barriers to access. All public tender information in Ukrainian and procurement announcements in English over certain price thresholds is available too. In this way, ProZorro ensures transparent and efficient spending of public funds by simplifying oversight opportunities for the civil society and by enabling enhanced, open competition among businesses that aim to supply goods and services to the government entities in Ukraine.

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