With a e-ticket, a Kyiv Smart Card, a Kyiv Card, or a QR-code paper ticket, you can already pay for travel on any public transport. In the cabin of land transport you need to bring a card or ticket to the validator and pay for travel. Payment for travel in the subway is through the registration of a transport card at an automatic checkpoint (turnstile).


As of February 13, 2019, 1326 units of land-based municipal transport are already equipped with on-board computers and validators. 76 turnstiles were upgraded at 68 lobbies of the Kyiv subway. These turnstiles are marked with KYIV SMART CARD. Statistics for February: the number of privileged transportation is almost 1.7 million. The number of paid traffic – more than 7 thousand.


The sale and replenishment of KYIV SMART CARD started at the metro stations Khreshchatyk, Teatralna, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, Akademmistechko, Lisova, Arsenalna, Teremki, Vidubichi, Syrets and Pochayna. It is also possible to replenish the card in the personal account of the KyivID or iBox.


In the near future it will be possible to purchase and replenish a transport card at self-service terminals located in all lobbies of the Kyiv Metro station and high-speed tram stations, T-booth shop, in the Kyiv Smart City mobile application, 2click terminals, iPay and Portmone. Subsequently, we plan to connect function – pay by credit card.


But the preferential categories should issue a “Municipal Kyiv Citizen Card”. It can be obtained by those who have privileges to pay from the budget of Kyiv, who are officially employed in the capital, displaced persons who are registered in Kyiv, students of schools and universities, as well as their parents and trustee. To receive the card, you must apply to the bank of the project participant – “Oschadbank” and provide a package of documents: passport, identification code, documents confirming the right to receive a card, a document on the granting of benefits (if any).


When controlling the payment of fares, the controller will transfer the system and transport terminals to the control mode and the special inspection device will check the fact of payment by the passenger of the transport service of the carrier.