The system “policlinic without queues” allows patients to make an online appointment and visit a doctor at a convenient time.
A record can be made to your local or family doctor, and to any person in a medical institution as needed.
• To make an appointment with a doctor, click the button “Make an appointment”.
• Enter your mobile phone number and click “Confirm”.
• Accept the call and press 1 on the keyboard to confirm login to your personal account. If you have trouble logging in with a voice message, click the “Cancel Call” button.
• The system makes it possible to confirm the entry due to the introduction of the code from the SMS. To do this, click the “Send SMS”.
• Enter the code number from the message and click “Confirm”.
• Fill in the details (last name, first name, middle name, date of birth and address) to create a patient profile and Click “Login”.
• After entering personal data, it is necessary to give consent to their processing in order to comply with the Law of Ukraine “Personal Data Protection”. Click the “Agree” button.
• The system displays the patient’s personal account.
• According to the reform of the Ministry of Health, the patient must first consult with his contract doctor. To do this, you need to contact the medical institution and sign a service contract with your chosen primary care doctor. Information about your chosen doctor will be displayed in your personal account.
• Until the signing of the contract with the doctor in the field “Family Doctor” reflects the doctor who serves the site at your residential address. For a quick appointment with your family doctor, you can use the “Hospital admission” and “Home call” buttons. To write to another doctor (narrow specialization doctors), click on the “Write to other doctors” button.
• The system displays a page for selecting a medical institution. Select a district of the city and a medical institution.
• Select the profession of a doctor from the list on the left. In the working window, the system displays all doctors for appointment on the selected specialization. Choose a doctor to whom you want to get an appointment.
• Choose a service that your doctor must provide.
• Choose a time at which it will be convenient for you to visit a doctor.
• After successfully completing the steps, the “Policlinic without queues” system generates a ticket with a number for printing.
• Congratulations, registration complete! For additional convenience, the system sends the created ticket with the number in the SMS to the mobile phone.


2000 records to the doctor processed daily. 46% of them online.
105 000 Kyiv citizens make an appointment to the doctor through the appropriate service during the operation of the system.

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