The Kyiv subway becomes contactless. There are more than 25 million contactless passes via a payment card recorded for the moment as the system running from June 2015.


Thanks to the joint efforts of Kyiv City State Administration and Kyiv Smart City initiative, Kyiv become the fifth city in the world, after London, St. Petersburg, Chicago, and Bucharest, where metro travel can be paid for with contactless payment bank cards.


The first time it was possible to pay only cards with Mastercard PayPass technology. In April 2017 Visa PayWave cards were added, and since November the system supports payment by a smartphone via Android Pay Google Pay and Apple Pay as well. To get to the station, you just need to attach a card or mobile device to the reader.

A mark of 25 million contactless payments was taken on the eve of the three-year launch of the project. Contactless payment is accepted on the new yellow turnstiles, which are becoming increasingly in the Kyiv metro.