Kyiv Smart Urban

Building an open, safe, eco-friendly and modern city

One of Smart Urban’s projects is a program for the protection of homeless animals in Kyiv. The main goal is to increase the safety of domestic and homeless animals through communication with the city’s residents, as well as to develop and support urban animal accounting systems.

Thanks to the cooperation of the Kyiv Smart City initiative and the Kyiv City Hospital of Veterinary Medicine, 196 dogs and 264 cats were fitted over the past year. Within the framework of the Smart Urban, we created a system called Register of Pets. Furthermore, we implemented a large-scale social project named Don’t Buy, Take Home. Our team is working on information campaigns and thematic events at Kyiv Smart City Hub.


Main directions of our work:

  • The popularization of the adoption.
  • Communication with the target audience.
  • Intensifying the safety of homeless animals by promoting for tolerant animal laws.
  • Creation of favorable conditions for comfortable coexistence of people and animals in Kyiv.
  • Making social campaigns, events and social projects.