Kyiv Smart Mobility

Planning the development of the city for the most comfortable life of its inhabitants.

The main ideas of the development of smart mobility in Kyiv are the creation of a mobile transport infrastructure and an increase in the number of users of bicycles and electric bicycles.

In everyday life, the bicycle can be a competitive alternative to an individual car and public transport. The bicycle plays an important role in resolving city transport problems — overloading roads at peak hours and during congestion. Under these circumstances, the bike becomes the fastest and most motorized vehicle. It is easy to manage, park, repair and takes much less space on the road than a car. And it saves urban space.

Kyiv has countless potential for cycling, and we are trying to make the space in the city more convenient and attractive for cycling. In this direction, we are establishing communication with local authorities, entrepreneurs and cyclists to make Kiev a cycling city.


Main directions of work:

  1. Creation of a city bicycle infrastructure map on the basis of IAS “Maino”. Here you can see all the bicycle paths and cycle tracks in Kyiv. This unique and up-to-date database and the official map of the city’s bicycle infrastructure will be conducted by Kyiv Smart City and NGO “Kyiv Bike City”.
  2. Implementation of the educational direction:
    • Promotion of the Highway Code for cyclists;
    • Popularization of the rules of parking of bicycles;
  1. Support of the concept “Bicycle is an ecological mode of transport”. Monitoring and conducting researches:
    • Gas pollution of roads and strips near the cycle tracks and recreational routes;
    • Planting and influencing air pollution on the cyclists’ highways;
    • The importance of building a separate bicycle infrastructure of the city.