Kyiv Smart Innovation

Smart city infrastructure is rapidly developing in Kyiv nowadays. There are 5823 video surveillance cameras have already been installed in the capital. There is active dispatching of communal transport – 1211 GPS trackers are installed on the municipal transport of Kyiv. 97 boards indicate the time of arrival of public transport at the stops, which are established within the capital. Since June 2015 more than 14 million passes have been made through terminals for contactless passage in the metro with a payment card. Moreover, testing of the e-ticket has begun since November 1.


Kyiv not only presents its own successes today, but also is open to an international practical experience in building up smart urban infrastructure. The main mission of the Kyiv Smart City initiative is to popularize innovative solutions and to adequately represent the city on the international scene.


The representation of initiative was opened in the United States on November 15. We launched an initiative with Pareteum and iPass in Silicon Valley, California. As a result of the international office work, we plan to help Ukrainian startups in search of international partners and investors. We strive for Kyiv to become an international platform that brings together the strongest players in the creative economy and works on implementing smart solutions.