Kyiv Smart Environment

Implementation of modern technologies in the field of ecology, environmental protection, energy saving, and city resources.

Ecology and energy efficiency are a challenge to the present not only at the city level. But the successful implementation of local pilots makes it possible to scale them across the country. The most important task is to create and implement intelligent integrated systems for monitoring the consumption of energy resources and assessing the environmental situation. Through monitoring and analysis, we determine the current state of affairs and make appropriate management decisions.

The main challenge faced by each smart community is data arrays. Therefore, the important task is to create tools and services designed to help citizens in their everyday lives. Collecting, processing and using data arrays is the basis of management in a smart city and the main marker of its existence is de facto.

Main directions of work:

  1.    Monitoring the quality of air in a smart city: the current state, directions of implementation and prospects.
  2.    Monitoring of the state of water resources: identification of problems and possible solutions.
  3.    City microclimate and green zones: the study of existing standards, accounting, and control of green plantations for a comfortable life.
  4.    Collaboration and organization of joint projects, pooling of opportunities and resources of stakeholders: scientific institutions, eco-activists, and business partners.
  5.    Educational projects on the reasonable use of natural resources and the formation of a reasonable ecological culture among children and youth.