Kyiv Smart City School

Maximum effect with minimal time expenditures, requires theoretical basis and practical cases, unique experience of local and international experts, individual programs

Innovative solutions challenge the traditional school curriculum every day. That is why we are constantly improving educational projects for schoolchildren and making IT-education available to everyone today.

On December 15, 2018, the Kyiv Smart City Initiative officially announced the opening of Kyiv Affiliate School educational institutions based on 10 communal schools in different parts of the capital. To implement the project, the most active leaders of educational institutions and computer science teachers who are seeking to make Ukrainian education innovative are involved. Ceremonial signing of cooperation memorandums took place between the Kyiv Smart City Hub and directors of the metropolitan schools. Each school received the status of a partner in popularizing accessible IT education for children. Students will study Scratch, a programming language developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to study the basics of coding, in school options.

Everyone is creative. However, often our plans are staying at the stage of unrealized dreams. To help Kyiv citizens in recognizing their own potential Kyiv Smart City initiative decided to launch an educational platform. Thanks to smart solutions today every resident can change the capital for better. The key objectives of Kyiv Smart City School are uniting initiative people of all ages, providing relevant knowledge in the field of innovations and technologies, and assisting in the implementation of urban projects. We unite changemakers into the smart community and provide them with maximum possibilities for achieving their ambitions. Together, we are working to launch development processes in Kyiv as well as educate a new generation of smart citizens.

We make training gatherings in the Kyiv Smart City Hub creative space, organize outbound sessions and actively collaborate with the academic community, as well as teach children the basics of coding and robotics. Thanks to the school’s projects, scholars learn about world trends in building a smart city, get practical tools for implementing change, get acquainted with the latest Ukrainian projects and developments designed to make life as comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly as possible. Educational programs are focusing on urban and IT, acquisition of soft skills and financial literacy. All of them combine the content-based theoretical information, the real cases of successful use of innovations in the public sector, career, and business, as well as international expertise.