The Friedrich Ebert Foundation is the oldest political fund in Germany, which has rich social democratic traditions since its founding in 1925. The Foundation was founded as the political will of Friedrich Ebert, the first president of Germany, who was democratically elected.


The purpose of the project is to use the technology of decentralized collection and storage of data during the renovation of the city service, that is, the blockchain. This technology makes possible to create records in a database that are absolutely under any further changes. In accordance, it completely eliminates any kind of manipulation or corrupt manifestations. However, the most important thing is not only to change the technological basis of the project but also explain to citizens the importance of using decentralized technologies. The project explains how blockchain can change the digital reality, retaining credible information and creating maximum confidence in the city authorities and services being implemented.

Smart Ukraine

The goal of the project is to promote integrated urban development through the partnership between local authorities. Project participants will expand the range of smart cities through the use of information & communication technologies and increase the efficiency of Ukrainian cities. Smart Ukraine will help improve the quality of public services, which, in turn, will improve the lives of the public.