AI for Kyiv – a project on the ethics and transparency of the use of automated decision-making in Kyiv. Project implementers are the public organization “SMART CITY HAB” with the support of the Kyiv city state administration. The 14-month project is funded by a grant from the world-wide philanthropic organization Luminate, which aims to empower citizens and institutions to build just and open societies. Luminate created by Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay.

The Artificial intelligence (AI) for Kyiv project is intended to initiate a debate on digital rights in Ukraine and develop practical examples of transparent, accountable and fair use of artificial intelligence / automated decision making by the Kyiv city administration services. The SMART CITY HAB public organization aims to develop and find optimal solutions for improving the quality of life in the city, based on the principles of open access to data, as well as the intellectual and transparent transformation of city management using modern technologies and innovations.

Key stones

  • 1

    Round table: brainstorming for potential scenarios

  • 2

    Start of AI for Kyiv project with the support of Kyiv City State Administration.

  • 3

    A round table : open dialogue with representatives of non-governmental organizations, firms
    executing AI-based producers.

  • 4

    Memorandum was signed between KSCA, KSC, Qubo.

  • 5

    Policy development based on European countries


Policy is the set of guidelines, rules, procedures and practices in the field of security that govern the management, protection and distribution of valuable information. There is no direct, single definition of artificial intelligence. AI is best understood as the ability of intellectual systems to perform the creative functions traditionally considered to be the prerogative of man. It is important to understand how AI can be applied in a city, how it can be implemented in a city’s strategy, and what risks need to be considered and what laws to base.


February 2019

Preparation, Round table: brainstorm to identify potential scenarios

March 2019

Opinion poll: identifying the problems of Kiev residents in terms of communication with the authorities

April 2019

Round table: validation of scenarios for which there is data in the KCSA

May 2019

Gaining access to the KCSA systems, Development an AI Policy for Kiev

July 2019

Deployment of the platform at the KCSA facilities, Development an AI Policy for Kiev

August 2019

Functional scenario development, Development an AI Policy for Kiev

January 2020


February 2020


System architecture



Yaroslava Boyko

Team-lead, data-manager

Myroslava Hromova

Head of ``Smart city hub``, Communications Manager

Yurii Nazarov

Kyiv city coordinator

Konstantin Perederiy

Project coordinator

Dmytro Cheshkivskyi

Business analyst

Yaryna Krucheniuk

Project manager

Oleksiy Kvasnevskiy

IT lawyer

Oleh Lishchyna

PR manager

Serhii Marusiy

Business analyst

Serhii Nosenko

Chief developer
The project is funded by a grant from the world-wide philanthropic organization Luminate


Konstantin Perederiy
[email protected]

Yaryna Krucheniuk
[email protected]