TLV->Kyiv Smart City Accelerator

About the program

TLV->Kyiv Smart City Accelerator Program is the largest SmartCity Accelerator Program in Ukraine. 

The Municipality together with the Smart City HUB and Israel Partnership will bring the opportunity and the Key to success!

The purpose of the accelerator is to support entrepreneurs, both beginners and successful, who have a practical vision for a project that could contribute to the innovative development of the capital. The main task of the accelerator is to help decisions and products that want to become part of the information and communication structure of the city.

However, the accelerator is not an investment fund and does not guarantee a 100% implementation of the project in the city. It provides an opportunity for urban startups to improve their product and receive technical resources and expertise from the city that will help accelerate the process of finalizing solutions and bringing them to the global market.


Accelerator priorities are smart city technologies and solutions, IoT – Internet of Things, Machine Learning and Big Data, cleantech, urbanism, ecology and energy efficiency, technologies for the creative economy, financial sector, medicine, education. That is, all those industries that are part of a smart urban infrastructure. And on November 30, projects will be selected that are part of a two-month free acceleration program and will have the opportunity to implement their development in the city and receive support from leading Israeli companies.

What we offer

We will take part and contact experienced mentors, professionals and expert technologists, including Top IT industry personas which together will define the best direction for your product.

During the Acceleration we will work hard to investigate and understand how we can refine the StartUp business and technology processes.

At the end, the main goal is to promote investment, marketing and sales for the Startup’s product. We will pilot the StartUp in Kiev and help you to expand to the right target market within the right countries.

We are a strong group of professionals with strong background in the IT Industry with vast experience in building high quality products, business strategy, leading development and recruiting investments. 

We are familiar with the Ukraine market and working closely with both the private sector and the public sector worldwide.

Road map:

  • 1

    Submission of applications by November 24

  • 2

    Preliminary selection by November 15

  • 3

    Final selection and interviews by December 9

  • 4

    The start of the accelerator program on December 16

What are we looking for:

Strong team (2-4 people ideally)

A fantastic innovative idea /startup that can bring success to the city and business

Ability to execute implement

Accelerator Advantages:

Connect between Israel and Ukraine entrepreneurs, technologists and investors

Mentoring startups, entrepreneurs - Business and Tech mentorship

Focusing on Smart innovations which can be piloted in Ukraine cities and Kyiv as the main playground - pilot your startup

Kyiv Smart City HUB

Investor & VC funding & matching

About us:

Avishai Victor Ankri, Founder

Avishai Victor Ankri, Founder

  • Avishai is an Entrepreneur with 16 years of experience in the tech sphere, lead engineering groups in Microsoft, Philips and  numerous successful startups.
  • In 2008 joined Wix founding engineers creating infra to scale up to millions of users. In 2013 he joined the founders of Dealhub as the VP R&D and nowadays he is the CoFounder and CTO of
  • In his free time, he is mentoring startups and match making investors to interesting startups.

Gal Moskovich, Founder

Gal Moskovich, Founder

  • Gal Served in IDF Navy, as an expert of security solutions, navigation and GPS systems.
  • He is currently the CEO of a worldwide IT company with offices in Israel, India and Ukraine:
  • Gal is Co-founding and partner of a few Startups with expertise of data-processes, visual-learning and video-streaming technologies.

Yaroslava Boyko, Expert

Yaroslava Boyko, Expert

  • 15 years of experience in various fields of business and entrepreneurship as media, urban and architecture.
  • Specialist in Creative Economics, Big Date and Smart Citizens Education.
  • Head of project “AI for Kiev”.

Yuriy Nazarov, Advisor

Yuriy Nazarov, Advisor

  • Head of ICT Department in Kyiv City State Administration.
  • Kyiv Smart City Initiative Coordinator.
  • Successful implementation more than 40 projects in urban infrastructure.

Dmitriy Cheshkovskiy, CEO and Founder

Dmitriy Cheshkovskiy, CEO and Founder

  • 12 years of experience in ITC sector.
  • Head of International Relations Department, Kyiv Smart City.
  • The successful implementation of more than 15 projects in various spheres of business and entrepreneurship.

Kateryna Kyslenko, Program Director

Kateryna Kyslenko, Program Director

  • 14 years of experience in Event sector.
  • Programm Director, Kyiv Smart City.
  • The successful implementation of more than 100 business and corporate events for (10-4000 pax).

Dariia Kuznietsova, Partnership Manager

Dariia Kuznietsova, Partnership Manager

  • 5 years experience in sales and communications
  • Implementation of commercial and social projects

Evgeniya Sorokina, Communication manager

Evgeniya Sorokina, Communication manager

  • 4 years of experience in the Public sector.
  • Information Systems Development Specialist, ICT Departament in Kyiv City State Administration.

Valeriia Skorik, Content Manager

Valeriia Skorik, Content Manager

  • PR-manager in International Relations Department at Kyiv Smart City.
  • Communication strategies development. 6 years experience in social science.

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