Kyiv Smart City

Kyiv Smart City initiative brings together Kyiv citizens, the business community, activists and city authorities to develop intelligent smart urban infrastructure. Based on the principles of open data, intelligent and transparent management and transformation of Kyiv into an innovative, digital and progressive city.

Kyiv Smart City initiative was created to transform the Ukrainian capital into a technologically developed, socially responsible and comfortable metropolis. It is intended to build the smart city as well as strengthen Kyiv citizens, the business community, activists and city authorities. It requires complex changes, such as the implementation of digital and communication services, the development of new energy efficiency standards and the development of an open model of relations between the community and local authorities. Kyiv Smart City is an innovative platform for infrastructure, technological and social development of the city.

Kyiv Smart City initiative is based on the principles of open data, smart digital services, and transparent management. The team is actively working on the development and implementation of online tools so every citizen can be connected with innovations in his home, community, and country. Together, we make Kyiv a progressive European capital. We are trying to build a city of dreams, where every citizen will be protected and happy.

City as a service
Comfortable safe and smart urban environment
Open, smart and responsible city management
Creation and development of innovation environment
Citizens as the main factor in the development of the city


Areas of activity

  • Kyiv Smart Urban

    Building an open, safe, eco-friendly and modern city

  • Kyiv Smart Mobility

    Planning the development of the city for the most comfortable life of its inhabitants.

  • Kyiv Smart E-Dem

    Development of e-democracy in Kyiv thanks to the launch of the newest city services

  • Kyiv Smart School

    A new educational platform that provides top-level knowledge and consolidates the smart community

  • Kyiv Smart Innovation

    Creating innovative city services and tools for implementing change

  • Kyiv Smart Safe

    Strengthening the security of the city, monitoring the work of communal services, traffic management.

  • Kyiv Smart Forum 2019

    The main event in the promotion of smart city-technologies and the introduction of innovative solutions

  • Kyiv Smart Environment

    Implementation of modern technologies in the field of ecology, environmental protection, energy saving, and city resources.

  • Kyiv Smart Guide

    A unique collection of tips, recommendations and services that relate to all aspects of urban life

You can contribute to the development of a smart city