About Kyiv Smart City

Our Team

Kyiv Smart City unites Kiev, businesses, activists and city authorities to develop intelligent city infrastructure. Based on the principles of open data, reasonable and transparent management and transformation Kyiv on innovative, digital and progressive city.

Yaroslava Boyko

Сo-coordinator of the initiative Kyiv Smart City

Myroslava Gromova

Head of NGO “Kyiv Smart City Hub”

Daniel Gaidenko

Project Manager

Anna-Veronika Krasnopolska

Communication Manager

Polina Fetich


Anastasia Pivanova

Kyiv Smart City Hub Administrator

Yana Cherniavska

Kyiv Smart City Hub Administrator

Lobojko Sergiy

Moderator of the direction of electronic democracy

Department of Information and Communication Technologies

Yuriy Nazarov

Head of ICT Department

Petro Olenych

First Deputy Head ICT Department

Dmytro Petrushchenko

Deputy Director for IT

Vyacheslav Novokhatskiy

Head of project office

Evgeniya Sorokina

Head Specialist

Oleg Komarnytskyi

Head Specialist

Svitlana Zelinka

Deputy Head of Information Systems Development Department

Oleg Bakaev

Chief Specialist in Information Security Systems

Ruslan Hnatiuk

Chief Accountant

Vitalii Kozubskyi

Head of Municipal Enterprise “Main Information and Computing Center”

Sergiy Bondarenko

Director of Special Municipal Enterprise “Kyivtelevervis”

Natalia Radchenko

Project Manager

Oleksandr Yurechko

Project Manager

Yaroslav Slavitskyi

Project Manager