About Kyiv Smart City

Our Team

Kyiv Smart City unites Kiev, businesses, activists and city authorities to develop intelligent city infrastructure. Based on the principles of open data, reasonable and transparent management and transformation Kyiv on innovative, digital and progressive city.

Yaroslava Boyko

Сo-coordinator of the initiative Kyiv Smart City

Yuriy Nazarov

Head of ICT Department

Vitaliy Klychko

Kyiv Mayor, Chairman of the expert council

Gennady Plis

First Deputy Head of Kyiv City State Administration

Anton Moyseyenko

The entrepreneur, social activist, co-coordinator of the initiative Kyiv Smart City, Project Coordinator Kyiv Smart City HUB

Anastasia Syzenko

Teacher of the Kyiv National University. TH Shevchenko, co-founder of the NGO Civil Council Smart City Project Coordinator Smart City school

Artem Atepalihin

Chairman of the Board NGO Perspectives Kyiv

Igor Nikonov

Advisor to the Kyiv mayor

Oleksii Reznikov

Advisor to the Kyiv mayor

Alexander Kubrakov

Advisor to the Kyiv mayor

Paul Dyminsky

Advisor to the Kyiv mayor

Denis Gursky

Advisor to the Prime Minister of Ukraine, director of   Socialboost

Alexander Krakovetskiy

Head of IT companies DevRain Solutions, Ph.D., head to work with the IT community to develop municipal services and applications

Bogdan Aganin

Deputy Chairman of the Coordination Council zahalnontsionalnoho Forum on Road Safety

Serhiy Loboyko

Director of the Center for Innovation in NaUKMA

Dmitry Turchak

Director of the Directorate for management of social and humanitarian projects KP “Kiev Investment Agency” project leader “Card from Kiev”

Yury Chudnovsky

Director of the International Institute for Urban and Regional Development

Order by Expert Council


Vyacheslav Novokhatskiy

Head of project office

Tatiana Coba

Director projects

Andrew Husarevych

Project Manager “A single centralized system of financial and economic activity in the city. Kyiv”

Eugene Tkachuk

Assistant Project Office